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Annabelle – South African girl narrates how she had massage and fun in Durban!

A friend and I decided to go to Durban for a few days to unwind. I had been under tremendous stress and needed to relax. I’m a pretty straightlaced chick and had made up in my mind that I was going to do something out of the ordinary. Among the many things I decided to do was to have a spa day. Upon arrival I called the concierge and set up appointments to receive spa services. At the appointed time we went to the spa to receive our services.

To my surprise I was given a man named Nikoli for my swedish massage. Nikoli was 6’3″ with muscular arms and a beautiful body. In short he was FINE. I noticed that Nikoli was checking me out. I’m a pretty curvy woman with large natural titties and a big ass. Nikoli stepped out of the room and told me to take my robe off and lie on the table while he was gone. A short time later, he returned.

I was laying on my back. Nikoli started by massaging my neck, shoulders and arms. He struck up a light conversation and I went with the flow. It seemed that Nikoli had a thing for black women. As he continued to rub me, I exhaled and enjoyed the touch of strong hands caressing my curves. As he massaged me, my mind began to drift and wander. I began imagining Nikoli performing various sexual acts on me. And then I heard a purr escape my lips. Nikoli cleared his throat and asked was his touch to rough or soft. His question brought me back to reality. By this time my pussy was wet.

Nikoli continued to massage me and eventually asked me to turn over on my stomach. I did as he asked. I closed my eyes and continued with my fantasy. As he was massaging my upper thighs his fingers brushed across my pussy. At first I stiffened up but then immediately relaxed. I welcomed the touch. It had been a while. I spread my legs further apart to give him better access. Nikoli took my cue.

He began lightly rubbing my pussy. My breath deepened as he continued. Then he did it. He started finger fucking me. I love to be finger fucked. I felt guilty for enjoying it and set up on the table and made him stop. By this time Nikoli’s dick was so hard and it was thick and big. The heat between us was apparrant. He told me to relax and enjoy the moment. My nipples were erect. He grabbed each of them between his thumb and index finger and pinched and pulled them. Then he kissed my titties and then sucked them. I let him. He sucked them gently at first and then he sucked them harder.

I unbottoned his pants and started jacking his dick off. He looked so damn tasty. I laid back down on my side and started sucking his dick. He went back to rubbing and then fingering my pussy. His precum was sweet and pungent. I liked it. As he neared climax he moved away. He rolled me over on my back and then stood above my head. He then leaned over and did what I had been wanting. He ate my pussy. He sucked my clit and licked my lips and tongue fucked me. I sucked his balls while I fucked his face. When I came it was strong and forceful. It left me spent and drained right there on his table.

When I left the spa and reconnected with my friend, she asked me how was my massage. Knowing that she would be down, I told her she was going to find out first hand, as I had invited Nikoli over to our room later to engage in a menage a trois.


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